Artist Application Criteria

Food/Beverage Vendor Criteria

What we’re looking for from Artists:

  • No MLM/direct sales vendors

  • Creative and original work, independent designs, or products of a handmade nature

  • Quality and presentation of branding, including photos and marketing on social media pages/website

  • Innovation in the design, style and type of products

  • Quality and visual appeal that is in line with the consumers at each event – high quality and high visual appeal

  • Notation/pictures with how products will be displayed in an event setting

  • Website address and social media handles- Must have Instagram, Facebook and website required

  • Over-saturated categories can be very competitive and we can only accept a limited number of vendors from each category

  • Triangle Pop-Up has the right accept or not accept any application submitted

What we’re looking for from food vendors:

Note: You do not have to hit all of these bullet points to apply for our markets. We just want to let you know that these are all the things we take into account when applying to our markets.

Note: If you are repeatedly not accepted into an event, please check the above list to see what you could improve on to make it into future events. We look for individuals who are innovative and continually growing within their business. Contact us for small biz consulting!

Note: If you would like to learn more in depth about this process we periodically hosting workshops to teach vendors how to grow their business.